Expansion joint expaOverhead compensator embedded compensator rotary compensator

Expansion joint expaOverhead compensator embedded compensator rotary compensator

Model No.︰1“-32”

Brand Name︰kuoda

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰CNY ¥ 30 / pc

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Corrugated compensator is also called the slip joint, expansion joint, compensator, mainly divides into: corrugated compensator, sleeve compensator, rotating compensator, square several types, such as natural compensator with corrugated compensator is relatively common, mainly to ensure the safe operation of the pipeline, and has the following purposes:
1. The compensation Angle to the absorption pipeline axial, lateral, thermal deformation.
2. The vibration absorption equipment, reduce the influence of equipment vibration on pipeline.
3. The absorption of the earthquake, subsidence deformation of pipeline.
By work constitute the main body of the corrugated pipe (a kind of elastic element) and the end of tubes, stents, flange, pipe and other accessories.Belongs to a kind of compensation components.Use its work subject bellows telescopic deformation effectively, to absorb piping, pipe, container, etc is produced by the reason of heat bilges cold shrink and the size of the change, or compensation pipeline, pipe, container, etc. The axial, lateral and angular displacement.Can also be used for noise reduction vibration reduction.Widely used in modern industry.
Corrugated compensator standard number: GB/T 12777-2008
One-time bellows compensator
U-shaped metal expansion joint bellows compensator
Three-dimensional coal dedicated corrugated compensator
Hinge corrugated compensator (JJL type)
Balanced bend stress corrugated compensator
Spherical QB stainless steel corrugated compensator and so on.


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