spring support hanger,A-G.T1-T5,VS TD hanger Pipe bracket

spring support hanger,A-G.T1-T5,VS TD hanger Pipe bracket

Model No.︰1“-32”

Brand Name︰kuoda

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

fupport post is mainly used for power plant steam-water pipes or boiler equipment, the thermal displacement and its equipment in the operation of the device. Calculated and determined according to the pipeline stress situation of the work and the thermal displacement steam-water spring requirements, our factory will be carried out in accordance with the design load setting steam-water spring: spring preloading and set by the cold load position; At the same time, the theoretical working position to be in the cold.

A hanger

Spring factory before they go out of the steam-water setting, when installed on the pipeline and equipment, adjust the relevant thread, to fix the quotas for marketing off, the spring is the actual bearing design requirements of cold load.

Second, model, type

Variable type spring hanger has four big series, mainly by the northwest electric power design institute of design of T1, T2, T3, T4, T5 series, east China electric power design institute of design of TH1, TH2, type "TH3" series, the TD series (JB/J8130.2-1999) and chemical design institute design VS series, the series of the basic features, the same bearing capacity of 20 Dan Dan - 21000. Structure mainly pendant, supporting type and parallel suspension bearing type.

(3), T, TH structure form and model representation:

This hanger according to the type of installation is divided into the middle connect spring hanger TH spring hanger TH 1 and 2, support spring TH 3 three kinds of models.

TH 1 is divided into A, B, C three types;

TH 1 A (T1) is A single ear connecting spring hanger;

TH 1 B (T2) as the ears connection spring hanger;

TH 1 C for threaded hanger spring;

The three types of spring, is mainly used for hanging in the steel girder, illustrated, on the floor.

TH 2 (T3) is suitable for installation on the steel beam;

TH 3 (T4) is mainly used to put on the foundation, beam, floor slab;

T5 parallel suspension type.

(4), VS, TD structure form and model representation:

Variable is mainly composed of cylindrical helical spring, steam-water spring displacement dashboards, shell and parts such as elastic nut.

Variable according to the different methods of installation, steam-water spring is divided into A, B, C, D, E, F, G seven types.

Type A - on the thread type suspension;

B - single ear suspension type;

C type - ears hanging type;

Type D - on the adjusting suspended type;

E - type under regulation aside;

F - support suspended type;

G type - parallel suspension type;

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