Ga anized steel pipe torque pipe,erw,ssaw,seamless ga anized pipe

Ga  anized steel pipe torque pipe,erw,ssaw,seamless ga  anized pipe

Model No.︰1“-32”

Brand Name︰zhongkuang

Country of Origin︰-

Unit Price︰US $ 530 / ton

Minimum Order︰1 ton

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Product Description

Ga anized steel pipe cold tube plating, hot dip tube
Is to make the molten metal and iron substrate reaction and produce alloy layer, so that the substrate and coating combination of both.Is hot dip ga anized steel pipes to pickling, in order to remove iron oxide on the surface of the steel tube after acid cleaning, by ammonium chloride or zinc chloride or ammonium chloride and zinc chloride mixed aqueous solution tank cleaning, and then sent to the hot dip plating tank.Hot dip ga anized with uniform coating, strong adhesion, long service life, etc.Most of the northern process using ga anized with direct volume tube zinc supplementation.
Cold ga anizing is electricity ga anized, ga anized quantity very few, only 10 to 50 g/m2, its corrosion resistance than ga anized pipe vary a lot.Normal ga anized pipe manufacturers, in order to guarantee the quality, most do not use electric ga anized (cold) plating.Only those small and old equipment of small businesses use electric ga anized, of course, their price is relatively cheaper.The future not be allowed to use cold ga anized pipe for water and gas pipe
Steel substrate with molten electrolyte solution in complex physical and chemical reaction, the formation of corrosion resistance of the structure compact zinc alloy layer.Pure zinc alloy layer and layer and steel substrate.So the corrosion resistant ability
1, grades, and chemical composition
Ga anized steel pipe with steel grades and chemical composition should meet the requirements of GB 3091 clarinet steel grades and chemical composition.
2, manufacturing methods,
Clarinet manufacturing methods (furnace or electric welding) welding choice by the manufacturer.Ga anized by hot dip ga anizing
The production process
Black piece of check - hanging - skim - rinse - acid - cleaning - dipping plating aid to hot air drying, hot dip ga anized, inside and outside to cooling, passivation and rinse to unloading, inspection, repair - type logo - packing warehousing and transportation.
Ga anized volumes of belt - open book to stretch, to welding to scraping scar, passivation and rinse, zinc supplementation to finalize the design, type logo - cutting - packaging - drying - weighing.

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