Rigid waterproofing casing,Flexible waterproof casing,Q235b,304,316,304l,316l

Rigid waterproofing casing,Flexible waterproof casing,Q235b,304,316,304l,316l

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Product Description

Waterproof casing and wear casing wall, wall tube. Flexible waterproof casing generally applicable for pipe through the wall of the vibration or tight waterproof demand structures, casing parts processing is completed, in its outer wall all brush priming again (primer ZhangDan or cold priming oil). Waterproof casing is divided into the rigid waterproof and flexible waterproof casing pipe. Place is not the same, they are used mainly in flexible waterproof casing mainly USES in the wall of civil air defense, demanding places, such as cistern rigid waterproofing casing pipe should be such as pipe in the basement is commonly used in position.


Flexible waterproof casing are applicable for pipe through the wall of the structure with vibration or have strict waterproof requirements of hardware fitting, general manufacturing enterprise is developed according to the construction science research institute design S312, 02 s404 standard atlas. Flexible waterproof casing wall in the wall, in case of the concrete should be switched to concrete walls, casing must be a solidified within the wall; Flexible waterproof casing is widely used in construction, chemical, steel, water, sewage treatment etc.


Rigid waterproofing casing is a steel tube with wing ring (made of steel ring set on the steel pipe), installed in the wall (mostly concrete wall), used for general pipeline wall, wall waterproof, and flexible waterproof casing in addition to the outer ring, internal gear ring, such as the flanges silk, has a complete set of sell, also can own processing, used to have a shock to line, such as pump and connecting pipe wall.


Flexible waterproof casing or rigid waterproofing casing are used for pipeline by vibration or tight waterproof requirements through the walls of the building hardware accessories, often used in construction, chemical, steel, water, sewage treatment and other units.


The rigid waterproof and flexible waterproof casing pipe is the most intuitive, appearance point of view is different, the flexible waterproof casing internal a rubber o-ring seal, such as in the pool wall to prevent leakage. They install length is different, the standard length of flexible casing is 300 mm and rigid casing standard length is 200 mm, but they have in common is that you can according to the needs of construction any longer or shorter.


The main role


"Protect pipes will not be destroyed"


- plastic tubing through the floor need to be protected.


Such as the above all of u - the practice of plastic pipe and casing, PVC drainage is to prevent the damage of pipeline root by forces a protective measures. (plastic pipe is the most afraid of damage from the root, because, maintenance is very difficult).


Similarly, for the plastic water supply pipe material, adding casing on the floor, not only consider the construction, or maintenance, more to protect the roots are destroyed. As we all know, the plastic water supply pipe casing, not necessarily through the floor, but, on the floor height have specific requirements, the purpose lies in this. (visible content of discipline, explanation).


- based wall pipeline crossing, see more concrete shear wall, also want to install casing, protect the pipes - when building subsidence occurs, through the gap between the tube and casing, fill with your pipeline with the difference of building settlement, to reduce pressure on pipeline building.


- pipe wear three slits (expansion joints and settlement joints, shockproof seam), in order to ensure the pipes are not building three slits on both sides of the uneven subsidence and broken, or distortion, etc., usually, also want to set casing. This kind of casing often have special requirements. Can be made according to the design requirements.


- geothermal central coil by opening the room setting expansion joint, also want to on the outside of coil, a casing, and protect the heat pipe.


"Pipe pipe installation, and repair"


- for casing wear floor, don't need to say more;


- for building interior wall of the casing, how to repair, no experience, I'm afraid not good imagination.


Pipe installation, the operator of the space utilization scope is very big, you can freely use. User check-in after repair, and replacement of pipeline (to use fixed number of year, etc.), the operator of the space is limited.


Can only use pipe support, and temporary fixed casing pipe, for the corresponding operation.


At the same time, the casing setting, will be able to change line, to avoid damage to the inside the bedroom is decorated, if do not set casing, for the above procedures, will be in the pipeline wall, wall damage.


"Water casing of the room, there are certain prevent water infiltration, the action of flow, drip into the lower"


-- "prevent" has two aspects, on the one hand, refers to after project completion, users in the decoration, the cause of the improper, cause water flow, the casing flow layer; , on the other hand, after the user to enter, the cause of the accident, caused by water flow, the casing layer. Moreover, the former is often more than the latter.


Flow of the lower for two reasons, one is the height of the casing is low; Second, although highly enough, but casing mouth sealing is lax.


Therefore, the specification of the height of the casing has strict requirements:


Water room (kitchen, bathroom, etc.), sleeve height should be higher than survival ground 50 mm, plastic service pipe casing should be more than 100 mm survival above the ground. And apply the ointment sealed tightly.


"To prevent cross contamination"


- when the limited conditions, indoor water supply pipe must be below the pipes through the feed water pipe must be set casing, casing length should not be less than the design requirements, in order to prevent water pollution.


Outdoor water supply pipe, due to the limitation conditions, septic tanks net margins is less than specification requirements, must also be set in the feed water pipe and casing, length according to the design requirements.


Commonly used types


- pipeline crossing the place such as base, interior wall, floor, avoid pipeline (pressure pipeline, such as, water supply, heating, etc.) when used for building cause disturbance, facilitate at the same time of pipeline installation and maintenance, set, is greater than the installation of pipe diameter, material, installation and length to meet the requirements in pipeline crossing point such as the base, interior wall, floor short tube.


- ordinary casing, multi-purpose welding tube, should be on both ends of the casing mechanical cutting mouth (e.g., with no tooth saws, etc.), on the wall thickness is relaxed.


"Waterproof casing"


- pipeline crossing the basement waterproof requirements such as buildings, structures, set up the special production of casing. Commonly used rigid waterproofing casing.


Outside the casing, rigid waterproofing casing, need to welding o-ring seal wing, wing on the casing wall thickness, ring wall thickness has strict requirements,


And should ensure the weld quality.


- a new type of waterproof casing, lengthened to thicken wall custom-made king-size waterproof casing, can satisfy the requirement of the super thick wall tube wear.


-- anti-corrosion waterproof casing, through special processing anticorrosion coating waterproof casing, effectively prevent the oxidation of waterproof casing and corrosion.


Installation method


"With the civil construction installation"


- pipe through the concrete shear wall base, wear beam, special-shaped columns, should be installed with civil. The reason is that the reserved holes, secondary between casing and concrete pouring is bad; Some can't handle, such as the basement foundation concrete shear wall installation rigid waterproofing casing.


"Before the pipeline installation"


- refers to the pipeline a concrete floor and plain brick wall, generally reserved holes on the concrete floor, wall hewn eye after ordinary brick wall can. Floor, before Ann pipe, casing off line and installation. Brick wall, line drawing, planted a bracket, looking for a good grade, installation of casing.


First of all, the waterproof casing pipe installation should be observed before using the appearance, irrigation, and the outer wall flush pv root check any crack, presence of sand holes.


Second, check all the pipes with and without crack, without sand holes, whether tube wall thickness uniformity.


Again, check whether all the socket in place, strong and dense.


Finally, the waterproof casing pipe slope when installation should be uniform, can not have down the slope, the roof exit pipe slope should be appropriately increased.


Waterproof casing of steam-water pipe installation shall be set according to the construction acceptance specification.

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