Ceramic pipe and pipe fittings.ceramic elbow,tee,reducer

Ceramic  pipe and pipe fittings.ceramic elbow,tee,reducer

Model No.︰1“-32”

Brand Name︰zhongkuang

Country of Origin︰China

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Industrial elbow wear has been a influence factors of safety production, with the development of science and technology, materials and continuous innovation, successive cast stone, cast steel, alloy etc.The pipe lined with alumina ceramic, with its high wear resistance, high hardness, good oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance and high strength of high and low temperature resistance, has become a kind of the most widely used wear-resisting material, the world's special ceramics to about 80% of market share (wear-resisting material)
Elbow, wear-resisting ceramics is a high technology production process, since the tendril combustion heat clutch synthesis.The pipe from inside to outside, respectively by three layer, transition layer and steel corundum ceramics, ceramic layer is above 2200 ℃ high temperature to form dense alumina porcelain (AL2O3), with steel tube forming strong through the transition layer.Pipe for give full play to the steel tube high strength, good toughness, impact resistance, good weldability and corundum porcelain high hardness, high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, good heat resistance, overcome the steel tube of low hardness, wear resistance is poor, and the characteristics of the ceramic toughness is poor.
1, good abrasion resistance,
Ceramic pipe due to the lining layer of corundum ceramics (a - AL2O3), mohs hardness can be equivalent to 9.0 HRC85 above.So for metallurgy, electric power, mine, coal and other industries transport by grinding medium has high wear resistance.Confirmed by industrial operation: the wear life is ten times the hardened steel or even dozens of times.
2, run small resistance
SHS ceramic pipe due to the inner surface is smooth and durable, also don't like seamless steel pipe inner surface with convex spiral exists.By the relevant inspection test unit internal surface roughness and water resistance properties, its surface smoothness is better than any metal pipe, qing drag coefficient is 0.0193, slightly lower than the seamless tube.So the tube has the characteristics of running resistance small, can reduce the operation cost.
3, corrosion resistant, anti fouling
Due to the ceramic layer for steel (a - AL2O3), neutral.So the acid and alkali resistance and seawater corrosion, and also has the characteristics such as scale prevention.
4, good performance and good heat rushed not help performance folding
Because the corundum ceramics (a - AL2O3), for a single stable crystalline state organization.So the pipe can be in - 50-700 ℃ temperature range of normal operation for a long time.Material linear expansion coefficient of 6-8 x 10-6/0 - c, about half of the steel pipe.Material has good thermal stability.
5, low engineering cost
Ceramic composite tube light weight, appropriate price.Than with the inner diameter of cast stone pipe light weight 50%;Than wear-resistant alloy tube light weight 20-30%, and good abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, because the service life is long, thus a hanger cost, handling, installation and operation cost is reduced.By the relevant unit engineering design institute and construction budget compared with the engineering practice, the pipe construction cost with cast stone, compared with wear-resistant alloy pipe, engineering cost by 20% or thereabouts.
6, easy installation and construction
Due to the tube light weight and good welding performance.So can be connected by welding, flange, quick, convenient installation, construction and reduces the cost of installation.

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