alloy inner coating abrasion Cerametal pipe and pipe fittings ,elbow

alloy inner coating abrasion Cerametal  pipe and pipe fittings ,elbow

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     Double metal wear-resisting bend to the reliable welding properties and good wear-resisting performance is increasingly becoming electric power, steel, chemical industry, smelting, etc material conveying system more reliable and solution,

A brief introduction KMTBCr28 bimetallic wear-resisting bend Rare-earth wear-resistant steel, high chromium cast iron, sheet metal wear-resisting bend, steel hardness directly affects the welding performance, in order to normal use and installation can only reduce the hardness, its hardness, therefore only under HRC40, however, its weldability is still not ideal, easy to crack in the welding process.To the high abrasion resistance, weldability, finding a balance between resistance to impact, KMTBCr28 double metal composite wear-resistant elbow arises at the historic moment, since the late 90 s has been widely applied.KMTBCr28 double metal composite elbow pipes can be ensured toughness, weldability and intensity (compressive) requirement, and can guarantee enough resistance to wear, is a kind of ideal solution with wear-resisting material conveying pipes.

Second, the material characteristics in the alloy material, is the ideal of hardness and wear resistance of high chromium wear-resistant white cast iron and alloy wear resistant cast steel (collectively referred to as super hard wear-resistant alloy).High chromium cast iron KMTBCr28 for type M7C3 carbide hard phase, and the hardness of HV1500 ~ 1800, thus has good wear resistance, and because of this type Ka carbide structure for the bar, making it has higher toughness.And on the basis of the traditional ingredients added rare metals and boron carbide mixture, greatly increase the hardness and resistance to fatigue of traditional products, make its wear-resisting performance is superior to other products.
Scope of folding edit this paragraph
1, the electric power industry: raw coal bunker, hopper, hopper system, feeding pipe.
2, coal industry: heavy coal mine coal preparation plant piping, wet coal conveying system, the sand backfill mining.
3, mining industry, mining, filling mineral conveyor, tailings conveying pipeline.
4, iron and steel industry: coke grain of pipeline, pipe mill, separator, elbow, cone, separation barrier.
5, the cement industry: pulverized coal conveying, kuangfen conveying.
6, mechanical industry, power plant coal pulverizing, dust, ash discharge system equipment lining, steel lining of dust removal equipment.
Performance characteristics of folding edit this paragraph
1, good wear resistance Super wear-resistant alloy's hardness HRC hardness acuity 56, have good wear resistance and thermal stability.
2, good shock resistance, metal bonding properties, thermal shock resistance KMTBCr28 double metal composite wear-resistant elbow, the combination of the two kinds of metal surface is metallurgical combination, the use of safe and reliable.The thermal expansion coefficient, won't appear swell-shrink split phenomenon.Elbow using steel pipe, the outer wall of the lining with super hardness wearable alloy, the product has not only high wear-resisting and corrosion characteristics of alloy products, and have high mechanical performance and high shock resistance.
3, good heat resistance, and corrosion resistance Hard alloy material of substrate has a strong heat resistance, corrosion resistance, at high temperatures or corrosive environment can show good corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance performance.In the wet state, have a corrosive medium and particle erosion in photograph, the as-cast use super hardness wearable alloy is relatively appropriate;In abrasive wear as the main failure mode of the working condition of dry condition, choose a can be obtained by heat treatment of martensitic matrix hardness wearable alloy materials.
4, compound of low cost, good quality The wear-resisting pipe adopts the international advanced epc process, high yield, good product density, uniform thickness, quality and stability.
5, transportation, installation and easy to use Double metal composite wear-resistant pipe flange can be used, quick connectors, direct welding connection.And because the pipe for high performance, local congestion occurs in the pipeline system maintenance, can rap, hammering at will, also can change, welding cutting, unloading, installation, maintenance is very convenient.

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