304 316 304L elbow, ASTM ,DIN ,JIS elbow,WN elbow.seamless elbow

304  316  304L  elbow, ASTM ,DIN ,JIS elbow,WN elbow.seamless elbow

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Here, the stainless steel here
In the pipeline system, elbow is to change the direction of the line pipe fittings.Points according to the Angle 45 ° and 90 ° 180 ° three most commonly used, according to the requirements of the project also includes 60 °, and other abnormal Angle bend.Elbow materials, stainless steel, alloy steel, cast iron can be calcined cast iron, carbon steel, nonferrous metal and plastic, etc.With the pipe connection mode: direct welding (way) of the most commonly used flange connection, hot melt connection, fused connection, threaded connection and socket type connection, etc.According to the production process can be divided into: welding bend, stamping elbow, hot bend, pushing system bend, casting bend, forging bend, card holder, elbow, etc.Other names: the 90 ° elbow, elbow bend, love and curved, white steel elbow, etc.

Stainless steel elbow from carbon steel elbow is the main material is different, its chemical composition can keep the elbow surface for a long time will not rust, does not corrode.According to the standard production can be turned into:

1. To produce standard classification can be divided into the national standard, vessel standard, electricity standard, water standard, American standard, Germany standard, Japanese standard, the standard and so on.

2. By producing method can be divided into pushing, pressing, forging, casting, etc.

90 ° bend is mainly used for stainless steel pipe installation, a connecting pipe used for connection pipe bend.Connect two of the same or different nominal diameter tube, and make the line turn 90 °.
Stainless steel
Is usually based on carbon steel increases the high proportion of Cr, Ni alloy, such as content ratio can reach more than 20%.Common steel grade are: 304304 L, 321316316 L, 1 cr18ni9ti, 0 cr18ni9, former several numerically steel grade for Japan, the United States steel grade method, finally a (1 cr18ni9ti) for domestic steel grade.
Features: stainless steel strength, toughness index is one of the best in all kinds of steel, the most prominent advantage is corrosion resistant, in chemical industry, papermaking and other corrosive strong occasion must be used stainless steel, of course, the cost is also higher.

The national standard of stainless steel pipe fittings standards:
Standard no.
GB/T12459-2005 steel seamless pipe butt welding
GB/T13401-2005 steel butt welding pipe fittings
GB/T14383-1993 forged steel socket welding pipe fittings
GB/T14626-1993 forged steel threaded pipe fittings
GB9112-9131 steel pipe flange, flange cover and flange gaskets
SH 3409 steel butt welding pipe fittings
SH 3408 steel seamless pipe butt welding
SY/T 0510 steel butt welding pipe fittings
HG/T21635 carbon steel, low alloy steel seamless butt welding pipe fittings
Pipe standards of Japan standard:
Standard no.
JIS B2311 general steel butt welding pipe fittings
JIS B2312 steel butt welding pipe fittings
JIS B2313 steel butt welding pipe fittings

JIS B2316 steel socket welding pipe fittings

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