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Product Description

Flange (Flange) also called Flange or Flange.Flange is to make the pipe with pipe connecting parts, connection in the pipe end.On the flange hole, two flange bolt that even tight.The flange gasket seal.Flange threaded connection (screwed) flange and welding flange.

Stainless steel flange is introduced
Flange is a kind of disc parts, are the most common in the pipeline engineering, the flange is used in pairs.In pipeline engineering, the flange is mainly used for pipe connection.In need of connecting pipes and all kinds of installation of a flange, the low pressure pipe flange can use silk, the use of more than 4 kg pressure welding flange.Between two slices of flange and gasket, then use bolts.Different stress of flange bolts with different thickness and use different.

When water pump and valve, and pipe connection, the local equipment, also made the corresponding flange shape, also known as flange connection.Where there are two surfaces in the surrounding use of bolt connection closed connection parts at the same time, generally referred to as the "flange", such as ventilation pipe connections, this kind of parts can be called "flange parts".But this connection is only a partial equipment, such as flange connection and water pumps, not good called the pump flange parts ".Relatively small, such as valve can call "flange parts".

Gasket is a kind of can produce plastic deformation, and has certain strength rings made of materials.Most gaskets from non-metallic plate cutting down, or produced by professional factory in accordance with the provisions, the size, the material of asbestos rubber sheet, asbestos board, PE board, etc.;Also useful sheet metal (tin, stainless steel) will be made of asbestos etc. Nonmetal material wrapped metal package cushion;Another with steelskin belt with asbestos tape winding of spiral wound gasket.Ordinary rubber gasket is suitable for the occasion of temperature below 120 ℃;Asbestos rubber gasket suitable for vapor temperature below 450 ℃, the oil temperature is below 350 ℃, pressure is lower than 5 mpa, for general corrosive medium, the most commonly used is acid-proof asbestos board.In high voltage equipment and pipelines, using 10 copper, aluminum, steel, stainless steel type lens or other shaped metal gasket.High pressure washer and sealing surface contact width is very narrow (line contact), processing with gasket sealing surface roughness is higher.

Low pressure small diameter wire connect flange, high pressure and low pressure of large diameter used welding flange, the thickness of the flange and the connection of different pressure bolt diameter and the number is different.

The main role
1, the pipeline of pipeline connection and keep the sealing property;

2, easy to change line a long period;

3, easy to disassemble pipeline;

4, easy to pipeline closed a long period.

Specification: 1/2 "to 80" (DN10 - DN5000)

Level of pressure: 0.25 Mpa and 250 Mpa (150 lb to 2500 lb)

Commonly used standard discount
Gb: GB9112-88 (GB9113, 1-88 - GB9123, 36-88)

: American standard ANSI B16.5, ANSI 16.47 Class150, 300, 600, 900, 600 (TH, LJ, SW)

Japanese standard JIS a 5 k, 10 k, 16 k, 20 k (PL, SO, BL)

Italy standard: UNI2276, 2277, 2278, 6083, 6084, 6088, 6084, 2299, 2280, 2281, 2282, 2283

(PL, SO, WN, BL, TH)

The British standard: BS4504, 4506

Chemical standards: HG5010-52 ~ HG5028-58, ~ HGJ65 HGJ44-91-91

(HG20593 HG20592-97-97 - HG20614-97)

(HG20616 HG20615-97-97 - HG20635-97)

Prize of standards: JB81-59 ~ JB86-59, JB / ~ JB/T86 T79-94-94

Pressure vessel standards: JB1157-82 ~ JB4707, JB4700 ~ JB1160-82-82-2000

Marine flange standard: GB/T11694-94, GB/T3766-1996, GB /, GB10746 T11693-94-94, GB/T4450-1995, GB /, GB573 T11693-94-94,, CBM1012 GB2506-89-89, CBM1013, etc

Flange production standard discount
National standard: GB/T9112-2000 (GB9113, 1-2000 - GB9123, 4-2000)

Chemical standards: HG5010-52 ~ HG5028-58, ~ HGJ65 HGJ44-91-91, HG20592-97 series, HG20615-97 series

Prize of standards: JB81-59 ~ JB86-59, JB/T79-94 ~ JB/T86-94, JB/T74-1994

Pressure vessel standards: ~ JB1160 JB1157-82-82, B16.4 ~ JB4707 JB4700-2000-2000


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